The Racial Soul Weaponized

“It is not the half-hearted and neutral who go down in history, but those who take on the fight.”                                                                                                 ----- Adolf Hitler


TNew Order Swas  Circlehe NEW ORDER is the catalyst of the National Socialist affirmation in Faith and Race. The 21st century's Aryan religiosity tenants are well-defined by Matt Koehl.

The New Order regards itself as a spiritual rather than political movement also influenced by the writings of, among others, George Lincoln Rockwell, Miguel Serrano and Savitri Devi. The organization was founded by the late Matt Koehl, a leader of the World Union of National Socialists and Rockwell's successor.

To stand for your Race against the criticism of your own Kindred; to dare anti-Aryan principalities and Jewish-Marxist power; to combat darkness in high places: there is the true supreme test of courage.  How many of us would dare to stand alone against the entrenched powers of the anti-Aryan PC establishment? To combat the conventional illusions portrayed by the anti-Aryan media? To dare not only the devil, but the world of Jewish Bolshevism with its death grip on our Aryan Kindred.

When our Aryan Folk are able to fight the battle of the flesh with blazing courage, and the battle of the spirit with a courage burning even brighter, they will have proved themselves in all dimensions of being.

Lincoln Rockwell in his enlightening book WHITE POWER constantly brings forth the inner passion and power of our National Socialist faith.  He states “National Socialism, as a philosophy, embodies the eternal urge found in all living things – indeed in all creation –toward a higher level of existence – toward perfection –toward God.”

He further  identifies, “…while the mechanics and rules of National Socialism, as codified and set forth here, are sufficient for most of us, for the few idealists ready and willing to sacrifice their very lives in the cause of their people, National Socialism must be a very real religious ideal – a striving toward God.”

Our Sea of Faith defines and molds the individuals Racial Soul. The NS Religion will show our Folk the way we look to Adolf Hitler’s vision full of hope and with a deep unshakable Faith in Aryan Mankind.

We of the NEW ORDER are determined to do all to defend our Races’ life and honor. We shall not waver or weaken. We stand with the Leader as He stands with us.

In loyalty, as we have sworn as Registered Supporters of the NEW ORDER, our National Socialist Religion assures us that we Aryans have not been robbed of our racial character. The anti-Aryan insanity that the Jewish media and Marxist academia have unleashed has gone beyond all bounds. As adherents of the NEW ORDER we have an historical mission to fulfill with fanatical resistance against the destruction of the Aryan Race. Only an energized religious National Socialist community will give us the cosmic glue so desperately needed to bond with Natures Life Force which is of course Racial Idealism, salvation and sustain us through the length of the fight.

Faith in National Socialism is our task; Adolf Hitler is our strength. National Socialism as our Religion brings to heart the Landscape of the Racial Soul. The NEW ORDER is the torch bearer of a Revolutionary Folkish Devotion. Not the victory but the action!  In the deed the glory!

The chief tenet of our FAITH OF THE FUTURE is that infinite Intelligence i.e., God is omnipotent and omnipresent in Natural Law. The National Socialist Religious Spirit is the ultimate reality and a divinely attuned thought that is a positive force for good.

National Socialist Ceremonials of the FAITH



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