Our political religion concerns Natural Law that is thoroughly explained in Mein Kampf. National Socialism’s cultural and political backing is so strong that it attains a revolutionary equivalent to those of a Natural Law religion, with which it exhibits significant similarities in both theory and practice.

In addition to basic forms of politics National Socialism provides the inner measures traditionally considered to be religious territory, such as ethics, values, symbols, mythos, rituals, archetypes and for example a National Socialist calendar.

Political religious organizations, such as the NEW ORDER, adhere to the idealization of cultural and political Folk building. Judeo-Christianity no longer holds control over the practices of our religious racial identity. Our political religion supersedes existing traditional religions and is working to replace or eradicate them from our National Life.

The term civil religion is sometimes treated as synonymous with political religion but although some scholars use the terms equivalently, we see a useful distinction, using "civil religion" as something Jewish and weaker, which functions more as a socially unifying and essentially conservative force, whereas our political religion is radically transformational, and revolutionary!

 Our political religion occupies the same ethical, psychological and sociological space as a traditional religion, and as a result we will displace or co-opt existing Judeo-Christian organizations and beliefs. The most central marker of our National Socialist political religion involves how we sacralize our feelings when serving one's Race and the devotion towards true racial idealism through ritualized devotion to Faith and F├╝hrer.

Our National Socialist ideology will inevitably triumph in the end as we struggle to build a Folk. Our intelligible belief system for imposing symbolic meaning on the external world with an emphasis on security through the Faith of the Future shall bring guidance to Aryan humanity.

One question remains to be addressed. Matt Koehl’s Faith of the Future clearly identifies Judeo-Christianity as moribund and riddled with kosher gospel.  The Positive Christians that National Socialism at one time tolerated were, for the most part, a "group of fanatical National Socialist Protestants." They served a limited influence which began as an interest group and eventually came to represent one of the schismatic factions of Protestantism. They served a political purpose not a religious one. Those who still attempt to equate Positive Christianity with National Socialism fail to appreciate that simply removing the Old Testament and re-vamping the New Testament do not a Folk build.

For Alfred Rosenberg Positive Christianity was a transitional ideology that would pave the way to build a new fully racialist faith. Instead of the cross, its symbol was the orb of the sun in the form of a sun cross and in principle it was the elevation of the Nordic race, a rejection of Jewish revelation, and the promotion of the true God, not Jew god. For Rosenberg the Aryan-Nordic race is divine and God is in the blood and its culture in contrast to the Jewish race as an immoral and satanic counter race against the divine.

However no amount of window dressing can salvage any vestige of a “Positive Christianity” as its inherent theme is one of Jesus the Jew and totally antagonistic with National Socialism. Positive Christianity is a dead horse. Any support system for Positive Christianity is counter to building an Aryan Folk of National Comrades and non-productive to our New Community.

It is so, so be it!




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