FRockwell_thoughtfulrontfighter is not a political site. It is a spiritual-religious complex trying to awaken our Folk to the fact that our nature based New Faith comes from the heart of our racial idealism and soul. George Lincoln Rockwell ignited this flame of idealism once again and had the vision to bring to fruition a path to cleansing the soul and rekindle our racial love and connection to God.

What does this love then awaken within us? First it guides our gaze into our own history, then into our prehistory, then into the history of our race. It gives meaning to our struggle as well as for the leadership in the culture shaping of mankind that is most deeply related to us. This is Lincoln Rockwell’s Religion.

Here and now is about our race, yes, our soul as well, and indeed back then and still today, must result from the overall content and not from some artificially produced or preserved connections to our present as Christianity has done with its’ infectious Judeo-dogma.

Lincoln Rockwell armed with the Führers message of world-historical and social scientific view gave a unity to the Indo-Aryan personalities with their five high cultures in India, Iran, Greece, and Italy and of the Aryans resting on Germanic foundation. Only the combined view of these various personalities and their cultural creations produces the deepened overall picture of the Nordic race, of its inner diversity and of its possibilities.

As adherents of the New Faith we stand in the middle of this religious struggle and yet simultaneously see it from an overview as a process of fate, from which, precisely because we are born into it, we base our inviolate racial-religion.

Because of Lincoln Rockwell’s qualities as His disciple we have the racial soul weaponized.

NOTE: The short clip you hear was from a speech Lincoln Rockwell gave at UCLA on Tuesday May 16, 1967. 102 days later, Friday August 25, 1967 he was murdered by a National Bolshevik. To sample a Lincoln Rockwell 1966 press interview click here.


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