The Message of the Swastika

As defined by Matt Koehl

THESE ARE the eight (8) qualitative properties represented by the Good Sign, the God Sign — our sacred SWASTIKA:   

They point the way to a better world.   FOLLOW THIS WAY!” ---- MATT KOEHL

The sacred SWASTIKA as differentiated from the swavastika (or sauvastika), which is similar but which has its legs take off from the ends of the cross to the right, left-handed (motion), implying counter-clockwise direction -- counter to the currents of Nature -- the SWASTIKA has legs which take off from the ends of the cross to the left, right-handed (motion), implying clockwise direction -- and therefore with the currents of Nature.

The Racial Spirituality each individual National Socialist Comrade has in their heart is a moral compass to the sanctity of the Blood. You do not give homage to Providence on your knees or in some den of hypocrisy like a Christian Church. Never. Every National Socialist needs to stand upright and create their own personal petition to The Eternal in one of four categories:

  • Adoration: Praising Natural Law (God) and the Life Force of the Aryan Race
  • Contrition: Asking for the God's forgiveness for any transgression against the Race
  • Petition: As a National Socialist asking The Eternal for a favor for betterment of the Race
  • Thanksgiving: Showing God gratitude for National Socialist ideals that have benefited their Race

Four categories, one focal point: RACE.

For an example make the sign of the Swastika right hand first for the first 4 properties represented by the Holy Swastika. The left hand for the last 4 properties reciting each name per point of contact as illustrated below.

Sign of the Swastika

A simple opening dialog to The Eternal could be something like this:

“Divine Providence, Allfather, a good and gracious God.

True God not Jew god.

Nature the Eternal, All-True and Right.

Please sanctify, guide and protect me.”

(Then add your personal petition to God Almighty.)


There are countless ways to express your National Socialist Religion and its up to you to best determine how to connect and exercise your bond with God's racial spirituality passing through National Socialism.


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