Sing to God: our National Socialist Faith
Race Determines Cultural Expression
          The Message of the Swastika

“THESE ARE the eight (8) qualitative properties represented by the Good Sign, the God Sign — our sacred Swastika: Truth, Right, Order, Harmony, Beauty, Creativity, Fruitfulness, Good. They point the way to a better world.   Follow this way!”
Matt Koehl  

The Nine Commandments
There was the time in my life when everything anti-White was just so overwhelming it sapped even my National Socialist spiritual energy. Added to that is the daily cultural “war” waged on each of us by Jewish-Marxism that threatened to relegate my spiritual life.
But my wavering faith and weakening spiritual energy ceased and the Jew failed when I responded with National Socialist prayer.
Prayer is not about changing our circumstances; prayer is about changing ourselves. In prayer an
amalgamation of the racial soul and personality gives me a feeling of total freedom and peace. Live by the Nine Commandments.


Start with the Right hand for the first 4 words and the Left hand for the last 4 words
First, make the sign of the Sacred Aryan Cross which are the 8 separate legs of the Holy Swastika. One movement per word: Truth, Right, Order, Harmony, Beauty, Creativity, Fruitfulness, Good.

My National Socialist Prayer

“Almighty Providence, a Good and Gracious God;
Nature the Eternal all True and Right; please sanctify, guide and protect me.”

(Here I give thanks for the many Life's blessings God has given me and call out to God any Comrades and their families who need a spiritual uplift or a blessing. I then close with the line below in the fine Aryan dialect.)
“Gott segne meinen Vater und meine Mutter, Amen......Heil Hitler!"
Sing to God
The 12 Traits