Sing to God: our National Socialist Religion
Those who lack the power to prevail, accoding to the Laws of Nature,  also lack justification to continue living
          The Message of the Swastika

“THESE ARE the eight (8) qualitative properties represented by the Good Sign, the God Sign — our sacred Swastika: Truth, Right, Order, Harmony, Beauty, Creativity, Fruitfulness, Good.   

They point the way to a better world.   FOLLOW THIS WAY!” Matt Koehl

How do YOU connect with the Eternal? Everybody has their personal way to become one with the Racial Ethereal religion of the blood. I use this routine daily, sometimes several times per day. The amalgamation of the racial soul and personality gives me a feeling of total freedom and peace.


               Start with the Right hand for the first 4 words and the Left hand for the last 4 words

First, make the sign of the Sacred Aryan Cross which are the 8 separate legs of the Holy Swastika. One movement per word: Truth, Right, Order, Harmony, Beauty, Creativity, Fruitfulness, Good.

My National Socialist Prayer

“Almighty Providence, a Good and Gracious God;
Nature the Eternal all True and Right; please sanctify, guide and protect me.”

(Here I give thanks for the many Life's blessings God has given me and call out to God any Comrades and their families who need a spiritual uplift or a blessing. I then close with the line below in the fine Aryan dialect.)
“Gott segne meinen Vater und meine Mutter, Amen......Heil Hitler!"
Sing to God