Only in Struggle is the Beauty of Life Manifest

We NEW ORDER National Socialists are a very few, elite and beautiful souls being brought back together in a synchronization of mind and racial-soul that speaks divinely among our ranks.

We are singers of the Blood. In the layers of our Racial Soul the seed of blood-memory drives us to the New Faith that is destined to prevail and succeed on all continents and the future millennia if this sacred flame, our Faith of the Future, is guarded and burns.

Our National Socialism is Nothing and Everything. United in complete Separation and separated in absolute Unity. He and She will be no more. For they become We! Total-Man and Total-Woman.

Adolf Hitler’s Holy Book of Aryan Law  plants mental pictures deep within our racial psyche that makes we true National Socialists feel we have lived what he writes. Because we have!

The Word within the words of Mein Kampf will speak to the Hero. Those words which carry the Word are meant for those who can listen with their Blood. Our Faith of the Future.

The Divinity of Hitler will see the Light of Truth in years to come. We of the Faith of the Future are simply paving the way. We are the defiant ones against a spiritually Jewized world. We are the Heroes on this Earth. We are now coming together through our hearts and souls amalgamated by blood-memory in National Socialism.

With a strategic departure from all forms of Jewish-Christianity we must carry on until the Light of Truth can be seen through the lies of the Jew.

But remember; petty sociological racism, white supremacy and hatred do not belong to the beauty of whom and what we were, are and will be.