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Liberalism is a religion. It doesn't work yet people still believe in it.
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Dr Goebbels exposes the spiritual enemy.
Commander Rockwell's observations

White Revolution and Building the Folk


5-24-24 (135) In life, the journey of one man can change the history of the world forever. The man himself is mortal, his deeds however, may be eternal. If we lived each day of our lives understanding, and believing that, then what could exist that we could not conquer, what challenge could not be met with maximum will, and determination? It is our life -- our journey, each of us has an end which we must pursue -- it is our destiny, to deny our destiny and our will is to deny ourselves life itself. We have lived long enough as slaves, it is time that we break these chains, and once again grasp that which is ours -- once again we must realize our destiny.


Can this disastrous chain of White self-hate -- self-loathing -- and self-demonization be broken? How many more years will the conscious Whites wait for the others to wake-up; at what point do we, as conscious participants cut our losses and cast aside those who refuse to take part in this revolution -- a revolution of the greatest importance, indeed a revolution whose outcome will decide whether or not we survive as a race. 


Communists and Zionists

This fight between Communists and Zionists has lasted right down to the present day. When the bandit state of Israel was formed in 1948, tens of thousands of Zionists were permitted to emigrate from Communist Russia and satellite territory to Palestine. (We should note that non-Jews were NEVER permitted to emigrate from Russia). But Russian authorities have been exceedingly reluctant to permit young Jews to emigrate, and in many cases, permission has been denied.


Thus, the fight continues. But the reader should remember that this is a fight between Jews. Whether Communists or Zionists, they still retain their Jewishness, and they stand united against all non-Jews. And although they travel different paths, both Communism and Zionism have the same common goal—domination of the world. Both work and plan for the day when the "chosen race" shall "inherit the earth."