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The Jews are the Bane of our Exisitence
This page is the tabloid section. Just simple comments and general editorial regarding the current feelings of the White race with regard to the enemy’s effort to replace or exterminate us.
National Socialist Comrades,

With the advent of the "Woke" assault on White America we've noticed one very comical thing to appear especially with TV commercials.

While EVERY commercial now is filled with Negroes, Negroes from middle class America (right), the media Jews forgot something very important. The scripts are still being written for the WHITE working class. These TV Negroes live in affluent neighborhoods with fine homes and decor and they speak perfect WHITE dialect. It's all a Jewish media perversion. The commercials also have an overabundance of queers and other sexual sicko's using the same scripts. The cultural Marxists are desperately trying to make the freaks of nature as something normal and happily coexisting with normal men and women not as God intended.

Sick homos of any name you wish to call them are now displayed as "Fred the kindly neighbor," not "Fred the child molester and Granma raping pervert." The Negro children portrayed in these commercials are not the real-life feral Negroes destroying and stealing or even murdering. The commercial says, "Oh, mommy likes these because they have less sugar.” Real life says “Ma-Ma Joe say dis be good cuz naw sugar." Perhaps not exactly that way but these Marxist propaganda portrayals of Negro children having a White personality is against the word of God.

The Jews push this low rent racial propaganda because they now know it works on stupid White people who help promote their races death. You can’t fix stupid but you can save the intelligent ones.

These hydrocephalus Jews controlling the media and the public educational system think they’ve got the winning combination to totally destroy the White race but they’ve drawn a hand to hell in this poker game. Aces and 88's.
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