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A Song of Hate at the Super BS


2.23.24 (134) A Jew-Democratic congressman demands that White people stand for the Negro racist national anthem. "Very very few stood for ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing,’" Jew Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn. wrote on X. “The Negro National Anthem. Not a pretty picture of Super Bowl crowd." Cohen represents a majority-Black district in western Tennessee.


The Jews are determined to obliterate any reference to a White heritage that built this country from nothing. What is the Jews message here? That we need a national anthem for every non-white in this country? There is only one National Anthem and it’s not the Negro one.


This arrogant Jew congressman with his band of Negroes doing his bidding has made it quite clear that the goal of Jew-Marxism is the replacement of the White race. They are doing this by allowing the invaders from the South sanctuary with the aim of counting these Mestizos and various Üntermensch as new Democrats who will vote along the racist lines the Jews are implementing. The Jews want the White race destroyed.  The "American", i.e., White, National Anthem by Francis Scott Key doesn’t include Negroes. Jew-Democrats have been the front line in dividing this country with race wars since the 1960’s. Desecrating America’s National Anthem is just one of their Marxist tools.


Not until there is a new Folkish Community established that plays the Aryan National Anthem, the Horst Wessel Song, will White America truly be free.