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The Bearing is a Fighting One, the Goal Reflection
Just simple comments and general editorial regarding the current feelings of White people with regard to the enemy’s effort to replace or exterminate us.
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Dr Goebbels exposes the spiritual enemy.
Commander Rockwell's thoughts
Living in an Occupied Country

(1.10.134) There is a parallel society that National Socialists live in. We function in the Jewish dominated world today but resist all efforts to conform us into “them.” We have the advantage of knowing the deceitful history of the Jews and how to circumvent their social plans for our White race. While we have no choice, yet, but to survive and work in the politically correct Jewish America we don’t have to live that life. And we don’t have to listen to them. Our parallel society has order, discipline and honor as its cornerstone. We can move within the shadow world of the Jew but live fully in our society. Until there is a folk established for the White people of America this dual existence will be essential.

And so, I ask you, is this parallel society really necessary? Of course, it is. It must be. As you make your way through the Jew dominated life skills in America you find yourself feeling isolated and bitter. Why? Because you must show one face to survive and another to live your life with honor. A National Socialist must be rock solid in their bearing and manner but you also have to know the ropes of social fencing and how to counter the Jewish "woke" mind games.

As a religious revolutionary and a political solider you know your duty and you understand the importance of facing the Jew in your economic and social dealings as a robust example of a National Socialist lifestyle. Never forget, with the organization of a folk the Jew society will die off as it will no longer have the power to destroy our race or imprison us with the thralldom of interest.  At present we are controlled by "1984" social bayonets and credit cards in this Jewized society.