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Who is Adolf Hitler?


4.19.24 (135) Adolf Hitler was a man who sacrificed himself, his entire life, for his people. The great virtue is an intrinsic characteristic of National Socialism, i.e. sacrifice of the individual for the greater good. Not only did Adolf Hitler build the most encompassing political movement in world history – under the most unfavorable conditions imaginable --  but he also created the strongest economy in Europe. In 1933 to counter this success World Jewry, based in New York City, declared economic war on National Socialist Germany. They called for a worldwide boycott against Germany and used all of their economic and political connections to strangle the country and its’ people.


The Führer remained undaunted by this threat and countered with his own financial plan for Germany that proved to be so successful that by 1938 the German economy was the strongest in Europe. It even suffered an acute labor shortage. Italians, Poles, and Frenchmen flocked to Germany in order to feed their families. Adolf Hitler proved his genius once again.


The incredible feat of unifying a Europe (Waffen-SS) that had been divided for centuries was not only the Führer’s crowning achievement. It is also the catalyst which continues to evolve National Socialism from an exclusively German movement into the worldwide, Pan-Aryan phenomenon. This dream of true world peace burns strong in the hearts of millions of White men and women around the globe because of Adolf Hitler.


April 20 is the birthday of our beloved Führer Adolf Hitler. Honor him well for all he has envisioned for Aryan mankind.