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The Bearing is a Fighting One, the Goal Reflection
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Commander Rockwell's thoughts
To Live in Peace

(24.3.133)  I close my eyes and think back to the mid 1950’s. A child growing up in a small midwestern town on the banks of the mighty Missouri River. A small town of people doing their best to get buy. Wages ran around $.50 to $5.00 per hour from entry level to management. Petrol was $.35 a gallon and you could go to the family-owned grocery store and buy enough staples for the week and spend maybe $12. Yes, economically they were better times with jobs aplenty and a growing national economy.

They were also good times socially. You never heard of riots and looting every time a Negro was injured during a street arrest. We didn’t have an electrified gossip network like Jewish Facebook, Twitter, cell phones and Communist owned Tik Tok. Communism was exposed and hated by 99% of the White community. Communism was not taught to grade school children and the sickening sounds and sights of the Faggot community was not being forced down our throats with commercials and school curriculum. We didn’t have these freaks being given a government position just because they are freaks.

My beautiful small town was a pleasant experience. You could walk or ride a bike anywhere in town without fret and worry. It was a safe town and a community that even though they never made a big deal about it, it was just an assumption, that we’re all White people and live in harmony. Oh, there’s good and bad personalities to be sure but the overall majority were racially subconsciously healthy and knew and lived by the Laws of Nature to establish a morally correct living space for their families. With that being said it was also well known and endorsed by everyone affected by it, but the races by choice kept to their own. Respect was shown towards each other but there was no hint of race mixing. No college professor clamoring about CRT or some other Marxist tripe.

Yes, we lived a wonderful and peaceful life with our town. And that was also why there was a separate section of the town known as “Boogie Town” for obvious reasons. But there was never a major blow up between the towns folk and the Negro section. There was law, there was order, there was justice, there was peace. Look what the politicians and Marxist academics have done to our people of the coming Folk. None of the sensibilities and safety of the old town mentality have survived and the mindset of the White race has been altered into hating themselves and feeling a guilt about working hard and providing for your family. If we can unite as National Socialists the White race can return to that small town and once again live in peace and harmony. All glory to God.