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It is our Will to make Ourselves Fit for Blood and Soil
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Celebrate Aryan Yuletide

(2.12.133) Christmas was heavily influenced by the Roman festival of Saturnalia. The historical Jew, Jesus, was not born on December 25th as many contemporary Judeo-Christians believe. Many staple Christmas traditions predated the festival and were tied into ancient Aryan Germanic worship of the sun and related directly to the winter solstice.

In the depths of darkness covering the entire Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice has marked the shortest day of the year. It has always held significance in many Aryan culture’s religious festivities and holidays. A great deal of religions have made the celestial moment a holy day. It is the darkest day of the whole year and for the ancients that meant a lot more to them than it does to us today. Sun worshippers and Aryan pagans have venerated this natural cycle for millennia.

Christmas as we know it today is a relatively new holiday. Many traditional elements we associate with Christmas predate Judeo-Christianity by many centuries. There is also a lot of debate as to how much Jewish corporate and commercial interests have influenced this holiday as well. Just watch your TV screen this time of year.

Aryans began celebrating once the winter solstice arrived and rejoiced that the days were slowly getting longer, which meant that spring and the harvest was around the corner. This was most pronounced in their holiday of Yule. Early Judeo-Christians, who, at that time, were seen by many as being members of an urban Jewish cult, worked hard to try to convert and ban old Pagan customs. But the rural Aryan pagan inhabitants of those lands were not convinced. Eventually the Judeo-Christians realized they needed to co-opt some of these traditions.

Aryan Yuletide runs December 21st  thru January 2nd

Around 354 CE the Judeo-Christians came up with the idea that the Jewish Jesus the Christ, their savior, was born on December 25th. In the 4th century CE, Judeo-Christianity had begun to draw heavily upon Roman festival of Saturnalia. Judeo-Christian leaders succeeded in transposing these festivities on to their new made-up phony holiday. Judeo-Christianity has been a swindle since its inception.




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