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Dr Goebbels exposes the spiritual enemy.
Commander Rockwell's observations
Germanic Religion

7-19-24 (135) Asatru is a modern religion that revives, reconstructs, and reimagines the ancient Aryan religions of Northern Europe. The new religious movement began in 1972, when Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson and eleven other Icelanders decided to bring back public worship of the Norse gods, goddesses, and land spirits. New versions of the Old Way quickly spread around the world, and by 2013 there were nearly 40,000 followers of related practices in ninety-eight countries.

This is the model of growth the National Socialist religion needs to follow and by establishing a firm footing of NEW ORDER
communities our religion will grow and spread. Especially as the White race is under attack and subject to replacement movements created by the Jews and democrats. A unity of religious National Socialists can build our Folk with values of racial idealism and biological integrity.

Do we need a church? A religious retreat center? All we need is dedication and adherence to honor and duty to the race. Keeping the Laws of Nature in the forefront and living your life in accordance with Mein Kampf.

From the Bronze Age through the Viking Age, a long period in which local variants developed among the Germanic peoples of continental Europe, the Nordic countries, and the British Isles. With the invasion of Xianity the poison spread through mostly brute force but a confiscation of holy days by the monks of Xianity stole the Germanic people’s sense of Folkish life and community of racial socialism. “Love your neighbor” became the new battle cry in place of honor among the tribe.

National Socialism is a natural race-accepting religion; emphasis is placed on right action in this life rather than on expectation of an otherworldly afterlife. The Xians can keep their spooky dimension. Holding true the Nuremberg racial laws of September 15, 1935 is a positive step in our religions growth.