The Architect, Our Führer
The mysterious magic that He exerts on all who come in
contact with His political-religious message cannot alone
explain His historic personality. There is more that makes
us love and esteem Him. Through all the highs and lows
of Adolf Hitler’s career, from the beginning of His political
activity to the crowning of His career as he seized power,
He has always remained the same: a person among
people, a friend to his comrades, an eager supporter of
every ability and talent. He is a revolutionary pathfinder for
those who devote themselves to His idea, a man who
conquered the hearts of his comrades in the midst of
battle and never released them.
It seems to me that one thing has to be said in the midst of the profusion of feelings.
Only a dedicated few, as with the NEW ORDER, know Hitler well. He has become to
us a symbol of our Faith of the Future. Normally the great men that we admire from a
distance lose their magic when one knows them well. With Hitler the opposite is true.
The longer one knows Him the more one admires Him, and the more one is ready to
give oneself fully to His cause.
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