What is Spiritual Neglect?

By a National Socialist of God


Spiritual neglect is an environment that detrimentally affects the development of meaning, purpose, connection, belonging of faith in God. Spiritual neglect also dampens moral and ethical guidelines. Once you finally see what organized religion really is, i.e., a money maker, spiritual fraud, dishonest and hypocritical, your “faith” is shattered and you turn your back to the pastor, priest and pope. Any faith that honors the name of the Christ is a faith of mind control through fear. Fear of death, fear of life, fear of disobedience. Obey the commandments and the words of your reverend masters. Hellfire and brimstone shall be your fate should you dare venture away from the fold of zealots and fail to only think of your place in “heaven.”

All the current religions of the White race significantly mediate the relationship between interpersonal struggle and anxiety and satisfaction with life. Why is the focus on the Christ and not the race? The Christ was a Jew and leads the Judeo-Christian faith on Jewish lineages. The Christ churches; Jesus Christian, Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Escapeland or Christian Identity, are all based on Jewish spiritualism and use the same bible of Jewish myth stories and miracles. Pure bunk. The bible is full of a god to be feared, to send children screaming and men cowering naked behind rocks while some flaming bush burns his ass. A religion of the Christ is not for National Socialists.

Athens is in ruins. Western Culture is moribund with its democracy that fed Jewish-Marxism and is attacking anything and everything of the White race. Those churches mentioned above are leading the way to destroy the spirit and morale of the White race with their all-inclusive prayers and raceless programs of “power to the people.” Who’s people? What people? Could it be the Jews vision of every color but White? No wonder White people are moving away from all churches in record numbers. The Christian churches with their focus the life after death neglect any thought of building Heaven on earth. National Socialists recognize that our lives on earth are a daily struggle and we embrace this. We praise God, the Eternal, daily as we face our struggles head-on. The earth is no easy place to live in but with the firm belief in your racial soul, your belief in racial idealism, your belief in building a Folk life can be wonderful and its purpose meaningful. To concentrate on the one lifeforce that matters most will be given God’s blessings. The lifeforce is our White Aryan Race. All our power, intellect and drive come from the racial soul and an understanding of the concept of Blood and Soil. National Socialism is the Religion of the Blood the most sacred religion to ever grace this earth. We build our Folk and Heaven through our Community of Struggle here on earth. And it is here on earth we follow Adolf Hitler. God blesses a religion of true Faith in the Eternal as National Socialism is.