What Have We Come To?

By a Man of God, the Aryan


Are the supporters of Frontfighter’s vanguard role as being an advocate for the promotion of National Socialism as the Faith of the Future the only White people ready to fight for our Blood-Faith?  Are we White Racial Comrades, as believers who have observed and lived a political, religious Worldview in the name of Adolf Hitler, the only White people who truly understand Racial Faith? If that is so, what have we come to?! As an example of what I’m trying to articulate the White Race in America has become a weak, cowardly, demoralized people of wimps who don’t have the backbone that our Race demonstrated in the 1700’s to the very early 1960’s. Who among you has the courage to speak up when Marxists BLM and Democratic Jew’s in Congress openly declare that YOU White man, are the enemy and must be eradicated? Only a Faith of courage and Race Struggle, as National Socialism is, can make our White Race worthy of the respect we once exhibited and the world feared. The Jews with their targeted infiltration beginning in the 1950’s into the colleges, local schools and even your local PTA now have their educational cadre in tandem with the current Democratic Party and its’ Marxist untermensch “Squad” types in Congress. But do you, Whiteman, voice opposition?  Do you accept National Socialism into your heart as the light of life and do you, for an example, organize an opposition against the Jews and their sickening Marxist hate curriculum like Communist Race Theory?

Goddammit! Stand up White Man!

Race relations in America have retrogressed 50 years according to the Jewish controlled media. I don’t think so. Even 50 years ago would not be far enough back to be a blessing in disguise. However, there is NO going back. The White race has become more and more passive in their acceptance of the Jew-Marxist fad of 2021’s critical race theory. The only positive point CRT brings to the table is that the color of our skin is now deemed essential to who we are; as well it must be! That’s something George Lincoln Rockwell pointed out in the early 1960’s!! The color of your skin is your uniform in this current racial cultural war that we are in up to our necks. The White race is under a full-scale war that means to annihilate Aryan mankind. Ever since 1945 the race war mongering Jew has set to use the Xian religion as the first weapon, a race-mixing 5th column, against the White people. The Xians sing praise to miscegenation and adoption of untermensch children. The Jew has turned Xianity into his favorite mind controlling social bludgeon.

Just as the Jew promotes Yahweh-Jehovah, the X, so does he elevate and praise the Negro. Xianity was merely the bait with which Judaism hunted the unsuspecting Aryans killing their essence of racial-soul and to drive them to the Elders of Zion. The Whiteman has lost his religious vision just as the Jew planned but today, right now, the White race has the means to fully unite and find Devine guidance through National Socialism! Matt Koehl has documented fully the path White America must redirect towards. Only the Religion of the Blood is our spiritual connect to the Eternal, to God.

“Sometimes, in the bitter nights I go to Oak Wotan

Surrounded by silent glare,

To forge an alliance with the powers at night

The runic letters that makes the moon with his magic spell

and all those who during the day are full of impudence,

They become small before the magic formula!

They cast steel spears, but instead of hitting the target,

Solidify into stalagmites.

Thus, the false are separated from the real.

I came to a nest of swords and then give my formula

Blessings and prosperity for the good and the fare.”


---- Adolf Hitler (1915) ****


**** This appears on page 64 of John Toland’s “Adolf Hitler” (Wordsworth Editions Limited, Chatham, Kent, UK, 1997 edition of original 1976 edition). Toland indicates Hitler probably wrote this poem in the autumn of 1915 (prior to his blinding by gas on 14 October 1918). This is not an endorsement of Toland himself.