Defend our White Culture, Race and Religion from Jewish Media Hatred

By Steve Kendall: National Socialist


It has now gone beyond a battle of words and political expression. White America, the White race globally, is under a full unbridled propaganda attack of unparalleled dimensions. What started with subtle coded media in the early 1960’s during the birth of the Black Revolution of Jew financed “Civil Rights” riots have now progressed into a full scale completely open attack against the White race in the most revolting ways imaginable. The Jews want us to forget Natural Law and Struggle in Life. When we abandon the belief in absolutes — such as telling the truth about race, being honest regarding the Jews, and doing what is right for our Aryan race — then Katie bar the door because there is no compass to guide us and our actions. The Jew-Marxist media, i.e., all commercial content blasted on your cable, streaming video, social media and satellite reception has now been converted to Total War against our White race in tandem with offensive Xian principles now forced into your home. If you view the media, you are the victim, unless you have a personal constitution nested in the landscape of the racial soul.

As our religion of National Socialism strives to develop our race into a genuine folkish vision the Jews pour billions, yes billions, of dollars into subconscious propaganda generated to undermine the innate genetic drive present in Aryan people to cherish, build and defend our race. The racial enemy understands that the genetics of the White race is the cosmic force that expands the racial soul of positive creative culture building and is the center of our Aryan personality.

As present-day National Socialists our religion is under the most serious attack since the 1940’s. Since the beginning of the Summer of 2020 and to this present date the State sanctioned Jewish controlled media, with its’ cultural Marxism, is forcibly shoving down the throats of White America, with subliminal messages in TV commercials, that the White race is the cause of all evil and as a White person you have no right to honor your history or promote your racial heroes. Every visual commercial these days has all Caucasianally-challenged characters and if a White person is shown at all they are in a mixed-race marriage. And as if the commercials could not get any worse, they now also promote queer-homo marriage and relationships. Completely against Natural Law and God’s word as given to us in National Socialism.

This colossal propaganda assault against our race eventually got swept up in a larger cultural shift that we as a Aryans had no control over. Every White person who lives down the block from you or maybe even the CEO/CFO of a major corporation noticed this violent shift in public consciousness against the White race. Even the Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, warned that "anti-White aggression" & "anti-White political correctness taken to the point of absurdity" pose grave dangers to the White people of the United States.  

What gave the terrorist group Black Lives Matter their tremendous power was their Jewish financial backing and their Marxist propaganda that used Negro-Felon Floyd’s death to confiscate the mantle of moral authority in America. You can witness their Marxist propaganda working as every non-National Socialist White American’s greatest fear is now the label of racist. The BLM and ANTIFA Marxist terrorists have used the death of one of their own cultural standard bearers (Negro-Felon Floyd) to divide America into two camps: racist (all White people) and anti-racists (anybody who hates the White race). The Jewish media ghouls have instilled into the psyche of White people that the only way to become an anti-racist is to subscribe to the BLM Marxist ideology and/or endorse the anarchy of ANTIFA which includes critical race theory which is yet another direct full-scale, hate-filled attack against the White race.

Jewish-Marxism has always proclaimed its goal openly, i.e., to bring revolution to the entire world and nose-dive it into Bolshevist anti-Aryan chaos and death. International Jewry has so deeply infected the White race both spiritually and politically that most of our race no longer can objectively reason for themselves and see the danger. But National Socialists do!

We National Socialists are voluntarily giving up a significant part of our lives in the struggle to educate, enlighten and increase an Aryan Racial Idealism as quickly and completely as possible for our future, our Aryan youth. This is not an end, but rather a means to an end. Our Community of Struggles social standard, of living the Faith of the Future, demands a Total cultural War against the Jew-Marxists. We do not need to imitate BLM methods, because we have better people and historical leaders to guide us, which gives us an enormous advantage. But current events have shown that we must do much more than we have done so far to turn the struggle for our White racial brothers and sister’s mindset decisively in our favor by leading the way as National Socialists and living the truth of Natural Law. It demands a Total War of Will to Victory and complete racial integrity. Reject their propaganda and shield your family against it. Ignore it, mock it, expose it for the anti-Aryan filth it is. And remember, on the religious front, Xianity has already emasculated the Aryan race with its' own contribution to cultural Marxism by their biblical promotion of some dead Jew on a stick.

There is a religious war going on in our country for the soul of White America. A racial-cultural war. The foundational elements in the political and religious belief systems of ordinary White people must acknowledge RACE as the paramount force of Natural Law that defines our future. Only National Socialism can provide the dual-purpose political-religious philosophy and organizational Will of racial politics and racial religion in a single focused reality. The White race does not need any other Worldview other than National Socialism. Truth, Right, Order, Harmony, Beauty, Creativity, Fruitfulness, Good. These are the eight qualities and state of being morally correct and justifiable as represented by the eight sections of the sacred Aryan Cross.

Please answer with a resounding: YES!

Quod fides ex Future!