The God of your understanding: Are you Listening?


By the coming NEW ORDER Revolutionary


Do you have the willingness to do “God’s” will as an Aryan? Well, mostly, it is the willingness to believe that there is some power greater than ourselves – anything – a “God of our understanding” – that can restore us to racial sanity and that we can turn to for everything. God speaks to us through Nature, the Natural Laws of the universe. If we listen to our God by living a life of National Socialist forbearance, we and our families, our Folk, will be successful in the struggle of this life on earth. And this success is measured by the positive attitude we bring to the table with regard and focus on that which is the most precious gift God has entrusted to us which is maintaining a healthy personal environment for the welfare of our race. Race should be the center of every decision you will make in life. Without a healthy race living fully as God intended obeying Natural Law there is no defense against the anti-God, anti-personality class warfare of Jewish-Marxism. “JewMarx” denies the importance and race and lumps all people’s into raceless protoplasmic pulp of sociopolitical phenomenon rather than a biological one of racial science. “JewMarx” insists Natural Law is irrelevant and that class struggle of the mindless herd of the working class (proletariat) will inevitably triumph over the capital class (bourgeoisie) and therefore all race and religion definitions would be neutralized. Being a White National Socialist carries with it an enormous burden to conduct ourselves as Aryans. It means living up to a very high set of standards. It means being responsible to a massive degree. It requires effort. It requires a connection with God and a motivation to believe in our vision of the Faith of the Future. Are you listening to our God, a good and gracious God?


A person holding an object Description automatically generated with medium confidenceAs National Socialists we elevate and recognize our Aryan race as High Culture standard bearers. Listening to God’s will, the Natural Law of Struggle, we realize that no amount of political action will endear our race without total dedication and moral adherence to the Religion of the Blood. We repeat this term over and over because Aryan man has lost his racial focus that is so necessary for the building of a White Folk. God gave us Adolf Hitler as a light of hope for racial salvation and we must live and fight for the vision He elucidated to us in Mein Kampf. The Holy Book of Aryan Law’s message is really very simple. One can never start to do right until he stops doing what is wrong.


National Socialism teaches that Marxism is not an ideology but the effluence of the racially vile untermensch who are manipulated by the democratic criminal Marxist political commissars of the Jewish race!


The Jews scheme to promote violence for a psychological-spiritual termination of White racial pride. For an example just look at what the sick Marxist Jew Senator Charles Schumer has said in Congress with his anti-White vitriol. (By the way, his father, Abraham Schumer, ran an extermination business. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.) This is the objective. Their propaganda has already mostly achieved this, in part, by viciously attacking the youth of the White race via their powerful MTV, CNN, the social media of Twitter, Facebook and assorted “religious fronts” of X-ianity. They assault the senior members of the White race with public humiliation at café’s and restaurants and physical confrontations. Infected with this Jew-Marxist propaganda the White race will not be able to resist the process of "Africanization" (Communist Race Theory and the 1619 Project) that is now being exploited as the weapon of choice by such Jewish-Marxist controlled entities the likes of Leftist school boards, Leftist teachers unions, kosher community centers, and the Marxist-Democratic Party endorsing such filth and creepy degenerate sex groups like the LGBT & Things. They focus on and attack our Aryan young people! That's why they are so desperately trying to modify your behavior so that you don't say, or do, anything which might offend those who wish to replace you. They ultimately hope to make it illegal for you to be a White person. There is a total war being waged against the Aryan race and in particular the Religion of the Blood, National Socialism. Therefore, it is so urgent that we who identify as National Socialist must, we must, hold true to God’s law and awaken our racial comrades to the beauty of strength that our Holy Book of Aryan Law gives us. We live in a universe that continues to expand out, which points to the fact that it did indeed have a beginning. And that tells us that anything that begins to exist has a cause. National Socialism represents the greatest Cause of all! It is a cosmic force of the Will to Power, to success, to a healthy future for Aryan generations to come. But we here and now have a sacred responsibility to defend and expand out ourselves with the racial message of total defiance against Jewish-Marxism and its’ hopelessly deficient belief system. I make no apologies for defending the White Aryan Race. Speak up!


The Atheist Democratic-Marxist Jews are our Misfortune!