Religious Differences in the Association of Racial Piety

A Devout Testimonial from FRONTFIGHTER

Race and religion deal with entirely different personal attributes. Race is connected to unchangeable, involuntary personal characteristics such as skin color and genetics and racial inheritance. Whereas religion concerns itself with voluntary choices of one's belief system. With the White race there is a natural connect between the Law of Life and the Law of Struggle. A natural genetic code of racial soul not so much as living with God as it is living in God. Our Aryan ancestors understood the cosmology of the racial soul as an identification of God with the World.  Our religion is an ideology and a living faith based on the ethnocentric and racial hygiene of Natural Laws.

The National Socialist religion is of this earth. Our religion has its foundation in the Indo-European, Aryan, ideology of our blood ancestors. We affirm life with all its demands, heights, depths, difficulties and joy. For we are on earth in order to live, and feel fine with it. It is our landscape of the racial soul. We are born from it. We are safe and secure living our National Socialist religion, the religion of the blood. If a National Socialist has chosen a high goal as a guiding principle, as an ideal, achieved through struggle, then he is an idealist. We must think, feel, fight idealistically, and we must live idealistically on this earth. Try to live life as the ideal National Socialist, tough as it will be. And Comrades, I still have so many faults to correct, it’s a life long process. But the end result will be a personality of enlightened racial salvation due totally to the Führer’s virtuous message in the holy book of truth and righteousness, Mein Kampf. (Ralph Manheim edition)

In dark contrast Xianity, a school of Jewish spiritually, has constructed for itself a belief in the beyond. Its kingdom is not of this earth. Earthly life is only a preparation for this spooky kingdom. Xians live in constant fear of the Last Judgement in which their heavenly Jewish father finds his children ripe for heaven or hell. Only those Xians who satisfies their priests and commandments will achieve bliss. The Xian faith in its present form is nothing else than the cleverly and coldly calculated invention of Old Testament Pharisees who built on people’s stupidity and naïve reasoning. For thousands of years, people have populated the world and have felt at home in it. Suddenly Xianity preaches to them that their homeland is supposed to be in heaven. Not because God wills it, but because in this way Judeo-Xianity can bend and knead mankind under them. Whoever on earth dreams of paradise and strides into the clouds, plays a dangerous game. Xianity is a “primitive” religion that worships objects and idols instead of focusing on belief in Natural Law and text. In contrast, “ethical” religions like National Socialism emphasize a rationality and Life-Laws rather than the material. How much misfortune and torment has this Xian doctrine brought to people!

We National Socialists view life with different eyes. Life is no gift. Nothing is given us that we do not earn ourselves. The earth is no paradise. It is a battlefield of people. Only the fighter, in the Struggle of Life, is called upon for victory of faith. Life is an assignment from eternity and God has entrusted it to us as a precious, sacred possession, which we must administer as keepers of the Faith of the Future. Our life is a link in the eternal chain of our Aryan Race. A belief in the divine mission of the coming NEW ORDER is the expression of our National Socialist political-religious Worldview. A people are not only characterized by race but by their inner character and inner spirituality rooted in the earth. The National Socialist religion brings these Life-Laws to fruition. And if we, as National Socialists, have grown in ourselves we can look back at our religiosity and say: We have lived!

Our National Socialist religiosity which wishes to redeem our race to over-earthly or Aryan nobility is truly Indo-European. For Indo-European religiosity is of this world, this earth, and this fact determines its essential message of racial salvation. Sometimes it is difficult for us to comprehend its greatness today. The Indo-Europeans believed in a succession without end or beginning, or world origins and world endings, in repeated twilights of the Gods and in renewals of the racial soul. The National Socialist Worldview is oriented precisely as the polar opposite of the descending Xianity cult and the focus of our racial spirituality is rooted in the earth. Living an Aryan National Socialist life is our transcendental pursuit to meeting the God of life and remaining steadfast in duty to the Life-Laws.

That we will not be understood by many of our Kindred, our Holy White race, our emerging Folk, must never make us unwavering. All revolutions have been the work of heretics. We stand at the beginning of a new millennium and do not wish to introduce it with compromises. We are the hardline National Socialists of the arising NEW ORDER. For us the Xian era comes to an end like all eras in the world. When Odin died, X arose. And X will pass because Aryan Mankind lives! Remember, as our religion teaches, only in Struggle are we born for greatness.

National Socialism

 Harmony of Body, Racial Soul, and Community of Struggle!