Race and Religion in the utilization of Politics



National Socialists are not satisfied by the status quo of Western Civilization as its’ in the final death throes. National Socialists are not interested in mediocrity. Xianity was the spiritual force that was the essence of Western Culture. This Xianity is also the reason why Western Civilization has totally failed White Western Mankind. National Socialists are not content with apathy. The White race has been lulled into a materialistic nightmare of comfort and selfish egotism that in this present time has become the fashionable Jewish-Marxism so well represented in the educational and social media mainstreams.

Our entire National Socialist theological worldview is with a pre-commitment to the idea that the White race is intended to be, as God willed it, at the top of the culture creating hierarchy as an ever-creative force and without any infection of Jewish-Marxism. We who fully embrace the National Socialist Religion find ourselves marginalized and discriminated against by even those of our own race because of the effectiveness of the Jewish media’s war against us by debauching our youth with M-TV and terrorizing White adults with threats of loss of employment and blacklisting if they refuse to bow to the cultural Marxism of such terroristic groups like BLM and Antifa. Instilling a self-loathing into the White races mindset now being actively promoted by Xianity, demands our race to awaken and pull close to our hearts the race saving religion of National Socialism.

Matt Koehl in his groundbreaking thesis “The Faith of the Future” gives a concise line of reasoning that promotes our Racial Religion with ultimate clarity and moral integrity. Based on a qualitative examination of the dangers and sickness of Xianity’s influence on the White race Koehl exposes and fully explains that Jewish-Xianity is a death sentence for Aryan Humanity and must be fully rejected as a spiritual focus for our White race. In Chapter II for example Koehl writes:

“The inborn religiosity –  Frömmigkeit – of these men of the North involved values of personal honor and loyalty, upright manliness, courage and heroism, honesty, truthfulness, reason, proportion, bal­ance and self-restraint, coupled with pride of race, a questing spirit and a profound respect for the natural world and its laws – ideas rep­resentative of a worldview which the early Christian missionaries found incompatible with their own doctrine and which they proceed­ed to condemn as heathen.”

Undoubtedly our path to resurrect the idealism of the racial soul within our people to reawaken it will not come until we have firmly established that which is missing, especially in America, which is a true Community of Struggle that has only a single goal: unification into an identity of racial cohesiveness bound by the love of National Socialist religiosity, a true Aryan Follk. The White race in America, the overwhelming majority of it, has no unified purpose, no moral racial compass, no understanding that the final triumph of the race saving National Socialist Worldview will only occur when biological thought and the laws of existence become the flesh and blood of our new culture.

So how can we advance our religion of the blood through the political process? Why can’t we once again have a political party that advocates our Worldview just as the National Socialist White People’s Party did? A political victory alone would never deliver the longed-for goal of our Movement without firstly having a highly organized and energized and unquestionable FOLK. A Folk of pure National Socialist religion that gathers and builds our Community outside of today’s Jewish-Xianity community that is dying along with Western Civilization. The trinity of body, soul and spirit form a harmonious and living unity in healthy Aryan humanity. Once a Folk is cemented as one then, and only then, an organization of a revolutionary political party as the voice and will of that Folk will be necessary. A Folk of National Socialist religious fanatics, yes fanatics, can begin now to create that new Folk. If we only awaken one tenth of .05 percent of White youth that would be the best of the best of our White race and a firm foundation to build on, to create that beautiful Aryan Folk.

This means changing the worldview of a people from the ominous Xian contrast to the new holistic National Socialist view of Aryan mankind. Come the Folk, comes the Party, comes racial freedom and the revolution!