We Oppose the JEWS!

By Steve Kendall, National Socialist

A non-religious political statement for 2021 JdF 131


We oppose the Jews because we affirm the Aryan Race. The Jew is our Aryan Folk’s greatest misfortune. The politics of 2020 have given the Jew a railway to anti-white racial destruction!

What we believe and demand is that our religion is a new, decisive, and radical faith!  It is revolutionary in the truest sense as explained in the writings of Matt Koehl, a National Socialist visionary and ground breaking National Socialists racial leader.

Consistent with his racial-spiritual attitude, the National Socialist makes uncompromising demands in politics. It is the hard “either, or” of our racial socialism in spiritual defiance of Xtianity. We National Socialists adhere to the Aryan Book of Law and lead our Community of Struggle with the courage to live it!

The Jew is the evil specter of racial-spiritual decomposition. Where he finds filth and decay, he surfaces and thrives. His Judeo-Xtianity is racial poison and cowardly submissiveness to the Jew god, not True God. The Hebrews use their Judeo-Xtianity to defile the Aryan Race and infect our genepool of Aryan generations to come. Extermination of the Aryan Race is its goal once our spirit is broken and our political lives brainwashed by their Jewish-Marxism in all its horrendous anti-White forms.  BLM for instance, or the Democratic and Republican Parties. Jewish Stock Market Capital or Jewish Marxist class warfare democracy all strive to destroy the Aryan life-force. They are all political whores of the world enemy, the JEW!

The Führer has said “The Jews are a racial people who are at home both nowhere and everywhere!”

As Joseph Goebbels has said, “Everything is what you make of it, even yourself.”


Don’t perceive our Swastika flag as merely an outward symbol, but see in it a legendary duty! Remember National Socialist Comrades, as Matt Koehl stated, the U.S is NOT US!!

As a consequence of Joe (“where am I?”) Biden’s election by an incredibly stupid people of all colors and because he  promised various anti-White collations a power to further subjugate the Aryan Race in America our racial enemies are now demanding the “right” to crush our Aryan racial integrity, remove our statues and distort our history and re-write our history of great racial conquering wars. The NEW ORDER will not allow this to occur!

As one example of many the untermensch negro Patrisse Cullors is a Marxist queer who co-founded the terrorist hate group Black Lives Matter. She (it) draws on various Communist-Marxists inspirations. One is another lesbo-negro queer named Audre Lorde as her "Black, queer, feminist lens". She (it) cites Marxist Angela Davis for her "political theories and reflections on anti-capitalist movements around the world” and her war against White Race. She also cites Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Mao Zedong, as "providing a new understanding around what our economies could look like". Don’t forget that the terrorist BLM group is financed by the International Jew-Marxist George Soros.

As one of many, Patrisse Cullors a Marxist untermensch negro, DEMANDS an audience with the feeble minded so-called “President” of the United States to “collect on the black votes y’all got wid niggers foe y’all.”(sic).

Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, Libertarian, Democratic Socialist. It means nothing and does not matter. This is a Race War of survival my sleeping Folk. WAKE UP!

It is so, so be it!