Martin Kerr: National Socialist Leader

By Steve Kendall, Registered Supporter


'Leadership', or 'command', is a tough job that permits absolutely no friendships. The reason is because the day will inevitably arrive when you will be confronted with the choice of betraying either your friends or the organization and people who are looking to you. If individual people were not fallible this principle would not be true. But individual people are fallible, and this rule of leadership is therefore an iron law.


Martin Kerr, the Chief of Staff of the NEW ORDER, is a leader we can count on. Becoming a great leader is a journey of continuous learning and growth. It’s a process — one that thrives on embracing challenges, seeking feedback, fostering connections, and cultivating understanding. Comrade Kerr has the attributes of a great leader. He excels at communicating. And, of course, he’s adept at planning, problem-solving, and delegating. You also need to be capable of navigating any and all challenges that arise. Since October 10, 2014 Comrade Kerr has taken command and his personality has inspired Registered Supporters and Members alike.

Being genuine and true to who you are is fundamental to success in any role and Kerr stands above with his authenticity. He figured out how to create the conditions for the NEW ORDER’s success and didn’t assume others would do it for him. The Chief of Staff makes more informed decisions because he considers the broader context, beyond just internal organizational dynamics.

Making sound decisions hinges on your ability to leverage your experience along with a blend of analytics, expertise, and ethical judgment. Comrade Kerr has demonstrated his leadership skills daily and he deserves our support. The world is changing faster than it used to in part because of emerging technology and artificial intelligence. As a result,  expectations are evolving faster and Kerr, as a leader, needs to be able to adjust to these ever-shifting demands. A perfect example of Kerrs’ abilities to move with technology is the NS account setup on the GAB social network. Located at

Kerr’s adaptability allows him to be able to swiftly respond to different dynamics, pivot when needed, and embrace new opportunities and challenges. The NEW ORDER’s hand-picked successor by Commander Matt Koehl has proven himself time and again. From his Stromtrooper days and countless demonstrations and street battles to his present role as the visible leader of the NEW ORDER Comrade Kerr is a proven asset of National Socialist leadership and he has made his mark on the National Socialist Movement. He is acknowledged worldwide as a National Socialist leader, Aryan activist and author. He is also Secretary General Pro Tem of the World Union of National Socialists.

Kerr’s role as a leader isn’t necessarily to come up with all the great ideas on his own, but rather to establish an environment that nurtures political and religious creativity in others and recognizes the interconnectedness of their worldview. When different interorganizational viewpoints e.g. politics and religion, rub up against each other is when creativity flourishes. Hence the independent establishment of the Frontfighter website, at

Learning from failure is the key to success and the setbacks the NEW ORDER has faced over the years of battling Jewish-Marxism has only made the Chief of Staff more determined than ever to fight for the rights of Whites. The technological power, now wielded by the White man, remains unprincipled and unrestrained. That will be his downfall unless a new generation of White people decide that they've had enough of the Marxists eventually futile combat with Nature. You can starve people and you can humiliate a people. You can force them to watch their homeland being populated by people of dubious non-White stock, but the leadership of the NEW ORDER is building Aryan Solidarity, and that Idea belongs to Nature, and hence, all life. Our Comrade has lived the National Socialist lifestyle since his teens and has fought for the religious rights of Aryans and against Jewish-Marxism his entire life.

Beyond these skills, though, the qualities that set great leaders like Martin Kerr apart are more elusive and can at times appear otherworldly. Exceptional leaders possess a certain X-factor that makes it seem as though they inherently know what to do. Comrade Kerr has demonstrated his leadership qualities not just for the last 10 years but throughout his National Socialist career. Working his way up he succeeded in every task assigned to him.

We have no doubt that his leadership will continue to inspire and drive the Registered Supporter base upwards. The NEW ORDER is the vanguard organization of White survival in the 21st century and beyond. Build the Folk!

Under Martin Kerr’s leadership the NEW ORDER will continue to uphold the honor of National Socialism in its’ purest form.