Jewish Christianity (Judeo-Xianity) and Marxism


By Steve Kendall, National Socialist


X removes the Jewish created Christ from this article. Is that something new? Not by a long shot. You do recall “Merry Xmas” right? When the Jews created this “Jesus Christ” in their Old Testament as the precursor of the suppositions of original sin and the equality of all men they took a giant step towards the conquest of the world and the destruction of their Aryan enemies.

With this “Christian faith” Xianity has these days come to acknowledge the guidance of the Kingdom of Shylock. Our Aryan Folk are beginning to wake up to the detail that this factious Jesus Christ himself is making people uncomfortable with a religion that is moving closer and closer to Marxism. Henceforth this fabricated Jesus is now known as a social agitator and proletarian.

To realize Jesus Christ never existed and all his history is a falsification and a lie, is to realize that with that Jewish falsehood have been built two thousand years of Jewish wars, spiritual enslavement and race-poisoning. To be sure, the Jew has never believed in the equality of men because the Jew considers the non-Jew; i.e., Shabbos goyim to be animals. Xianity is the Jews weapon that only preaches equality to the goyim and to degenerate them with race-mixing and self-hatred via massive media propaganda the likes of which we suffer from daily. Xianity is at war with the White Race.

Once the Judeo-Xian religion had the Aryan spirit imprisoned, his racial pride and divine consciousness destroyed, it was an easy task to attain total control of all non-Jewish peoples. As we speak now, today, Judeo-Xianity has crushed most White people’s resistance. Because of Judeo-Xianity Aryans have sold their physical and spiritual blood coming to believe that all men and all races are equal and have similar souls. We Aryans have forgotten our True God, our inner Landscape of the Racial-soul.

Well I have wonderful news. National Socialism breaks free of Jewish Christianity! Adolf Hitler exposed the enemy and he recovered for the White Race the roots of our Aryan racial soul. He re-established the inequality of men and of the various bloods bringing the Aryan to feel anew the divinity of his origins. Our National Socialist religion awakens our healthy instincts and unites us in a consecrated Community of Struggle.

We do not need any Judeo-Xian redemption. All we true National Socialists need is our faith in the Führer, our Faith of the Future and courage to stand in honor as a Folk united. The Führer’s assertion of “Sin against the blood and against the race is the original sin in this world and the end of a humanity which surrenders to it” is the essence of our religion.

Fully embracing National Socialism as the only religiosity Aryan people are intuitively drawn to Matt Koehl trail blazed the newer revolution in thought for the 21st Century in his masterpiece thesis “The Faith of the Future.” The raison d'être of the NEW ORDER is to build a better world for our future Aryan generations with the knowledge that the Xian worldview is an avowed enemy to the Aryan race.

Matt Koehl states…

”For well over a millennium now, Christianity has held a monopoly as the self-proclaimed custodian of the spiritual and moral well-being of an entire cultural order – for which one must reasonably assume that it has accepted concomitant responsibility. What, then, are the fruits of its spiritual regime? We see them all around us. They are the symptoms of a diseased civilization: decadence, degeneracy, depravity, corruption, pollution, egoism, hedonism, materialism, Marxism and ultimately – atheism. Yes, atheism. By destroying whatever natural religious feeling once existed in the hearts of our people and substituting alien myths and superstitions, it must now bear full responsibility for the diminished capacity for spiritual belief among our folk.”

Corruption and lies have always been two of the greatest tools of the Jew. It is important that we National Socialists teach not only Aryan Men and Women but our children in grade, middle, high school and college to be aware of how the Jew has re-written our history otherwise they will become confused. The Jew and his Judeo-Xianity is in the process of eliminating “good” and “bad”. They do not want Aryan young Folk to have anything “White” in which to believe in. They trick the young, calling it education, into the worst of things thus teaching their Marxist-speak zombies to transgress everything until it looks as ugly as them.

I would like to present one last mention of note with regard to the poison of Xianity. Let me be absolutely clear that we true National Socialists, in no way, are endorsing nor advocating “Christian Identity”, a convoluted history reading from an adulterated book of Jewish psalms and murder. Why would any Aryan want to identify as being part of any Jewish wonderland?

Quod fides ex Future!

Heil Hitler!