False Associations

By Loki Hulgaard


FALSE ASSOCIATIONS are the typical means through which Jewry destroys or weakens or disempowers the 'Other' enemy, their culture; persons; race or whatever related to themselves serves as a source of strength and power and protection against Jewish violence. A classic example is the attempt to associate the swastika with the 'holocaust' (the fabulous tale of the 6 million) as a means of justifying the criminalization and censor of this symbol. This can be extended (an extension often undergone by the power-mad Jew as a means of cancerously expanding his power over all and sundry) to the entire race who is vilified and demonized by this false association built into the constructive narrative of Jewry.

Hence to falsely associate White people as a collective with the Jewish created and controlled Catholic Church and British Empire is not only a tactic of transference of blame away from themselves but is a scapegoating and victim blaming tactic based upon this false association.

The invention or fabrication of false historical narratives; fables; parables or tales is yet another tactic on the part of Jewry as means of deceiving their opponents into believing that which is not true is true, in effect buying the simulacral (fake; counterfeit) symbol; story or Idea and perverting or outright destroying the truth. This is what had transpired when the Jews wrote the old and new Testaments an invented a narrative of supremacism and victimhood which they cloak themselves in as Joseph in his Technicolor dream cloak in Pharaonic Egypt. This serves their purpose, this invention of lies and passing them off as truth, of obtaining power-by stealth through having their enemies subscribe to narratives favorable to the Jews and harmful to themselves as means of disempowering their enemy while simultaneously empowering Jews.

The narratives scribed by the Jew typically come in the form of what may be called 'Semitic pathos' a product of their lunar consciousness and are typically bound up with all manner of course, vulgar elements. The latter and the former (pathos) can be seen in any of the melodramatic media vehicles (movies; sitcoms; dramas, etc.) wherein victims are idealized and placed upon a pedestal and all of that which is healthy and strong, all genius and the flower of 'humanity' is derided; mocked and aspersed. This is characteristic of the Jewish morality as so well-articulated in Nietzsche's works.