Faith vs Religion

By a Frontfighter Comrade

The concepts of faith and religion are strictly intertwined, although not always co-dependent. After years of deliberation I think I have a common understanding and definition of religion. Religion is a social and cultural system, which is based on rituals, practices and organizations. Although religion is a human theory, it is often built around a god or a deity that people worship. Judeo-Christianity has their Jesus god and the Jews have their gold. Faith and belief in a same deity is what brings a Folk together, and what makes them improve and enlarge their Folkish communities. Yet, the concept of faith does not necessarily have to be linked to religion. The term “faith” implies loyalty, trust and fidelity. Although the two concepts may appear interchangeable, they are in fact deeply different.

Faith drives the National Socialist religion. Faith in the Eternal, faith in the Laws of Nature, faith in the science of race. A faith that propels the White race to become defined as Aryan, the noble race. While we have our religion, it is really our faith in our Good Book, the faith we exhibit for the Laws of Nature and faith in Adolf Hitlers guidance that makes us hard as nails in the Community of Struggle. Faith is a peculiar feeling, which is often hard to express and identify. The idea of racial faith is linked to the concepts of trust, honor and loyalty – and is, therefore, associated to National Socialism. In this context, our faith is defined as total and complete belief in the Laws of Nature and the Racial Laws of Nuremberg. In Faith vs. Religion it is Faith that wins out.

Not everyone has the capacity or the willingness to question his current set of beliefs and principles to embrace a new truth (the National Socialist religion). We revolutionaries define National Socialist faith as a personal, mysterious and individualistic feeling, that can hardly be put into words. But once the light of racial faith alights your heart you will feel free of religion for the masses, Christian Marxism for example, and alive with a joyous commitment to your White race and a genuine desire to live the National Socialist life. This I promise you because I’ve experienced the revival of the racial soul energize my inner being. As the prayer goes; “on this Earth we believe only in Adolf Hitler.”

Everyday religion is based on rituals, public services, art, music, history, buildings and sites, while National Socialist Faith is lived and expressed in a more private dimension. Religions are a social and cultural system, created by men who are looking for the meaning of life and for answers to universal questions. The National Socialist Religion provides the answers, and National Socialist Faith is what makes White people believe that those are the right answers.  We National Socialist’s create our own "political confession," moving from a "Jew-Christian feeling", to an absolute Faith in the rectitude of National Socialist racial law.