A New Generation of Schizo’s


Critical Race Theory, Negro “wokeness”, “systemic racism”, “racist police systems”, “I be Black you be Bad”, Facebook, Twitter and all the other totally insane irrational Jew-speak pushed hard by the Marxist cultural agenda underway and fully endorsed by parliamentary democrats is creating an entire White generation of subservient, under educated, and thoroughly White self-loathing indoctrinated lemmings. 21st Century Racial Bolshevism.

This current anti-White cultural war has caused many young White adults to become weaklings and cowards that suffer from schizophrenia. The Marxist teachers unions, Jew-Marxist college professors, the Communist Party USA, the Xian churches, have united a Left-wing media onslaught to cripple and demoralize our treasured young White people. This anti-White hatred, a serious schizo disorder, affects how a White person thinks, feels and acts these days. The White adults and young brainwashed with this Racial Bolshevik schizophrenia have difficulty distinguishing between what is real (Natural Law and Struggle) and what is imaginary (the White race is evil). The current Racial Bolshevism of the Left uses all the above to create one emotion in White people: FEAR. The terrorist groups like BLM and ANTIFA and the Jew-Marxist educational system creates schemes to prohibit “pro-White social behavior” and enforce a codified “Xian kindness” supported by informants and intimidation at the workplace, in the schools, colleges and public streets. Dare defend the White race? Lose your job! Expelled! Ostracized! Shamed!

People who live fear-based lives often have little or no confidence in themselves. As National Socialists an important way to overcome this fear is to show your courage and stand up and defend your race. We cannot and should not let fear drive our decisions. We should not let fear stop us from what we want and what we deserve which is the re-awakening of the racial-religious spirit in Aryan Mankind. We should not let fear have control. So, deal with fear so you can start focusing on the most important things like...a Community of Struggle to vanquish the Jewish-Marxism spreading it’s racial poison with their politics and Xianity.

We National Socialists view Struggle as a Life-Law and struggle does not forgive weak hearts. No one can escape the will of Providence. Without struggle there is no freedom, without struggle there is no life. If we racial idealists want to live we must defend and fight for our White race against the Jewish racial garbage being forced upon us by the kosher commissars of the cancel culture that is focused on White hatred.

Stand firm in the National Socialist faith and be courageous. You leave a legacy through your courageous actions. It’s easy to buckle and be a coward.  It takes courage to step in the ring. Don’t leave your race high and dry when it needs you the most. Champion our Great White Race and help build a positive future for our Aryan people, build a National Socialist religious Folk that will stand like a rock in the sea.

Heil Hitler!