Frontfighter: A Religious Campaign

National Socialism is a total world view, that is, it encompasses all aspects of human existence from the cradle to the grave. Today, we find our race under attack from many directions. Consequently, we fight for the interests and welfare of our people on many fronts. There is the racial front, the political front and the cultural, economic and social fronts. But no battlefront in our struggle is more important than the religious or spiritual front.

Our Race will never be able to regain control of its future or secure its safety until we win the struggle to free our racial soul from the shackles of alien spiritual values. Whatever apparent outer political sovereignty we may appear to have will always be in jeopardy while our inner life is held hostage to Semitic religious beliefs.

The new Aryan imperium which we National Socialists are determined to achieve can only be built on spiritual values that emanate from the depths of our racial soul. No one has exemplified pure Aryan spirituality better than Adolf Hitler. His teachings point the way forward for an embattled Aryankind.

The goal of this website is to lead the battle for the religious rebirth of our folk in the spiritual or religious sphere. That is the front on which we fight, and it is why we have chosen the name Frontfighter.