We Don’t Need You!


Our path to God the Eternal does not pass through the Christian Bible or Jerusalem. It leads through racial idealism. It cannot be otherwise. A church that does not serve the Folk sins against God’s will. We do not need you doubters, you Christians in service to the Jew. We are building a new cathedral of blood and honor.

We National Socialists want a pure faith that will not be falsified and bourgeois nor have any taint of Jewish poisoning. Our words are intended only for those who like us honestly search for a new faith, a Faith of the Future.

We do not need you, the eternally dissatisfied know-it-alls paralyzed by your reservations and cowardly thoughts. Our Folk’s distress and suffering have made us National Socialists hard and ready to build on the future.

Our New Faith, National Socialism, drives us to keep the blood pure and our honor holy. We joyously serve the Folk with work and sacrifice. We possess an idealism of the racial deed. We have a yearning for the wellsprings of Folkish attachment to the Creator.

We do believe in miracles but not in the Judeo-Christian bible sense. Our miracles are not magic tricks. They are the miracles of energy, faith and will. We know no other path than to push the Judeo-Christian racial smorgasbord out of our hearts!

We want a new faith that burns from Aryan depth of essence, from the racial soul. We demand to live by the sacred values of race and blood which form the face of the law of the future. Whatever serves this law is good and God-blessed.

We National Socialists stand in the beginnings of a revolutionary time. This beginning can only come from us as a race united. Our National Socialist evolution must become the revolution of the soul.

Where there is struggle, fronts stand. The religious fronts are clear. The one is called the Christ. The other is called The Faith of the Future! There is no third option, no compromise. Today it is not about weakling and toxic Judeo-Christianity it is about replacing a religion alien to we Aryans with a racial faith that is born in the deepest depth of the landscape of the racial soul.

Our political-religious struggle is not waged with the fist, and not with the mouth. It is waged with the weapons of the National Socialist spirit and with the strength of our hearts.

Our Folk are awakening through the efforts of Frontfighter. Today many Aryans no longer call themselves Christians and that is a good sign! It is a sign that our Aryan Folk does not sleep! We believe in the Faith of the Future and will sacrifice everything to move closer to the Eternal, the true God!

Where Christian words do not suffice and cannot convince us National Socialists that any Jew influenced religion is life affirming we acknowledge the harmful arrogance of the Judeo-Christian poison that must be countered and dismissed!

The Faith of the Future, that will be our religion. An Aryan religion that holds true to the eternal Laws of Nature which grows slowly in our hearts and matures like the forest in the storm, until it will one day be shared and embedded in our racial soul!

Should you doubt our rising holy faith and dare to call yourself a National Socialist but yet rebuff the Faith of the Future, we do not need you!

It is so, so be it!

Heil Hitler!