The Political role of Religion

National Socialism: Religion of Duty


By Frontfighter Contributing Editor Steve Kendall


When it comes to the political role of religions, the most important distinction is between passive and active religions. Passive religions, like Judeo-Xianity are those religions that cannot take any independent political initiative for at least three reasons:

  1. They lack a unified leadership that is acknowledged by all faithful adherents.
  2. They do not establish a clerical mediation between the faithful and God;
  3. Their holy texts do not have a unique authorized interpretation.

Conversely, active religions present the opposite features:

  1. They have a leadership that is acknowledged by all faithful adherents.
  2. They have at their disposal a racial-religious mediation between the faithful and God.
  3. Their holy texts have a unique authorized interpretation. Only active religions like National Socialism can take independent political initiatives.


The same principles should apply to active racial-religious defense; that is, it should be morally permissible for the Aryan Race to take an action against a racial threat  be it  Jewish-Marxism, Juedo-Xianity, Black Lives Matter, etc.,  if the racial harm prevented exceeds and is proportionate to the intended  racial harm our enemies designed  against us. 

We National Socialists live our religion with honor. One cannot buy honor with money or bestow it with medals. It is also not a billboard of the self-promoting sneak or the rich hedonist. Honor is the straightness and the courage of a strong heart. Honor is the loyalty toward oneself. Whoever denies and forgets himself, whoever sneaks through life on hidden paths instead of choosing the rocky, straight path, has no honor. Honor is also not bestowed or born. One must earn honor, one must create oneself.

Whoever among us National Socialists can be true to himself, will also be true to others of our Faith. For honor is loyalty itself. Loyalty towards Comrades. Hence honor is loyalty to the Folk and true obedience to the teachings of the Führer.

Two values struggle for power today: love and honor. Judeo-Xian religion preaches love as the highest value of all virtues. We stand up for honor. Love must never be the ultimate thing. Our highest possession, the sacred task of building our Folk, remains honor. Let love be power but never the goal.

Duty is the meaning of life for the National Socialist. Struggle is our world. Work sanctifies, not words. Matt Koehl has said “The summons to struggle is called: Duty!”

Duty for us National Socialists is no cold, stiff concept. It is carried by the love for the Fuhrer, by the unbending faith in our Aryan Race and by the warm enthusiasm for everything great and noble in the world.

As a race living in the power of Nature and drawing inspiration from the Good Book we must be able to tell ourselves: You have done what you as a National Socialist could do. You do not need to regret a single day as long as you live your life in the religiosity of the Faith of the Future. Hate and love, Swastika and sword. And the Swastika must triumph. In life, love does not triumph, rather strength. And whoever wants to live must fight!

The National Socialist Religion wants no special rights. We have duties enough. But we fight for the rights of our Race, our Folk. The National Socialist needs no church because he lives piety.

We of the NEW ORDER live for our Folk. And we die for our Folk. Not for the Judeo-Xian church. Our Faith is carried by two ideas: God and Folk! The Faith of the Future is our racial and spiritual salvation.


It is so, so be it!