My Duty is my Religion


The more Aryan man acts upon his racial conscience, the less he fears God, since he will find that doing what is right for his race and avoiding what is wrong for his race will make him free. His freedom is the result of taking responsibility for his own actions, of following what he initially set out to do, and of doing it. In finding greater freedom in doing what is right, he will come to love more the Eternal who gives him the freedom to choose what is right from wrong.

As National Socialists we want a new faith. We mean by that not a new church, rather a new man and a new life. Ultimately we’ll establish a new Folkish community that is rooted in blood and draws its energies from the racial soul.

The new faith, the Faith of the Future for Aryan mankind, must grow out of love of our race and total rejection of the crippling dogma of the world enemy and its alien Christian propaganda. When I examine the Old Testament with non-Christian eyes, this unholy scripture, then I am gripped by a sacred rage for how long our Nordic Kindred have been fed with these scoundrel stories that have killed our racial faith so that Jewry would appear in the right light.

Between the lines I see the Jew grinning, the eternal denier and destroyer, this parasitical, chosen devil race. We reject the Old Testament’s Jewish voice pounding daily from the pulpit that the folks and races of the earth can only reach the Eternal, God, on a single path, through Christ the Jew.

No! The history of our Aryan race is our holy scripture! It is written with blood!

Faith to us National Socialists is not a means for salvation from the woe of this earth. It is an expression of our Folks deepest energies of its essence and eternal obligation to true God, not Jew god, to live in the community in which we have been born.

Faith for National Socialists is duty to the struggle for Folk and blood. We want no Christian reward for the carefree continued life after death. That is the liberal Jewish spirit!

The Judeo-Christian preaches you must pray, confess, fast and do penitence, then heaven is certain for you. NO! Work, fight and believe in your Folk! Ask not about reward and ask for your life! Ask: How can I serve my Folk? Live your life as a National Socialist then you have done your duty for your Race.

For us National Socialist living the Faith of the Future our Folk and community is for us supreme law. The Laws of Nature. This law for us is inviolate, divine and eternal. There is only one original sin in the world: to scorn the Eternal’s Laws! Accordingly Judeo-Christianity and the National Socialist Religion are as different as water and fire.

National Socialist piety accepts the Laws of God and Nature as revelation and builds according to them its Life and its Faith as given in Mein Kampf. Therein lays the eternalness and strength of the Faith of the Future. Being true to Nature and Faith spells the death of the Jews grip on our Folk.

Fulfillment of duty is a sacred term. It requires the whole man and reaches its highest meaning and value in selfless service to the Race. Duty for we National Socialists is carried by our love for the Leader and the unbending faith to which we are devoted. Faith which does not spring from life itself, is empty, dead Jewish faith.

What does a Judeo-Christian church still possess in living force, which on Sundays probably offers a comforting hour to a few trained goyim, while we National Socialists stay home and enjoy the sun? The Judeo-Christian church prays to hundreds of saints. But nobody was sanctified because he fulfilled his duty in life, rather because he fled live and duty.

A National Socialist serves life in DUTY! For fulfillment of racial duty is a religious service. For us it is about the deed. Solely about the racial deed.

It is so, so be it.

Heil Hitler!