Disciples of Hitler:

Our National Socialist Faith in Action!



By Frontfighter Contributing Editor: Steve Kendall


As revolutionary National Socialists we need to approach our Faith as an ecclesiastical covenant, a solemn agreement between Comrades of Faith to act together in harmony with the precepts of the Führer’s Good Book and in total commitment to the Community of Struggle. A spiritual re-birth of our Aryan Race’s inner being is in high order. We need the thunder and lightning of will and determination to succeed and grow our Faith of the Future.

If you believe, believe fanatically. Seek out the most ardent race conscious White people around you and begin the art of conversion in gradual steps. With the quite visible across-the-board attacks, in this year 2020/JdF 131, against the White Race being showcased by Jewish media you have clear examples of the anti-White hatred we must counter.  Listen to the local White people’s opinions and fears and gradually guide them to the racial religion of strength and salvation.

With such Jewish enthused cesspools called BLM, ANTIFA, the Democratic (Marxist) or the Republican (Capitalist) Parties many White people are rejecting those Marxist/Capitalist groups and taking a physical stand against the cultural street combat being waged against them and their property.

They pray for leadership and racial preservation. In addition to the Führers Good Book, Lincoln Rockwell’s 1967 book “White Power” renders a prophetic picture of just what White people in America are experiencing today, right now! 

A racial pride that was always present in their hearts but barely discernible because of Christian, read X-ian, virtues of “love thy neighbor as thyself” is now rising to the front of their emotions. And White Americans are mad as Hell!


  YES! There is a structural link between the Jews and Marxism within current BLM and ANTIFA social degeneracy!

YES! This Jewish-Marxism is ultimately attributable to the insidious influence of Christianity, read X-ianity, with its spiritual syphilis!

    YES! BLM and ANTIFA are waging a cultural war of annihilation against Aryan life-values, honor, morality and religion!

YES! Jewish-Marxism represents an existential threat to dominate the cultural narrative of White America!

YES! X-ianity’s libertarian socialism is nothing but rebranded Neo-Marxism!


These days of violent chaos assures our race is left defenseless so long as it is still morally controlled by Judeo-Christian, i.e., X-ian doctrine. We must break the shackles of X-ianity and embrace the political-religion of National Socialism. The only road to true racial idealism and salvation for our glorious Aryan Race is the through the road to Hitler!

Currently small pockets of Whites are resisting the BLM and Democratic Marxism by invoking “God bless America,” and singing the Jew Irving Berlin’s song while injecting X-ianity as the backbone of their neighborhood defenses.

The meanings White Americans attach to “God bless America” are ambiguous. The biblical benediction in Numbers, “The Lord bless you and keep you …and give you peace,” has been simplified to affirm White America is not united by race but by X-ianity. It is our goal to open White Americans eyes to the National Socialist ideal that our RACE is our nation and the doctrinal Jewish dithering’s of X-ianity is incompatible with our New Faith.

What we think of as religions have long and complex histories enduring over centuries in all kinds of political and economic systems – sanctifying, criticizing, ignoring, and escaping from them.   So, just to look at X-ianity, does one define it as a transnational body aiming at universal institution but with state forms– Roman Catholicism, or as state sponsored forms – Church of England, Russian Orthodoxy, or as a denomination – like Methodists and Christian Identity, or in a sectarian way – Jehovah’s Witnesses or Quakers?

None of the above! X-ianity is quite simply a Jewish theological defilement which means to contaminate our blood and debauch our Aryan soul. They do this by miscegenation propaganda focused on our Aryan youth via untermensch rap, Marxist-themed movies, TV, daily commercials and White self-hate. The Jew-Marxists along with Leftist X-ian teachers and professors already control college campuses. The results of their anti-White hate and violence are manifest in the BLM and ANTIFA terror groups. 

This is the message we will need to articulate to convert these White American “patriots” into defenders of the race and race first! We will not be signing some Jews “God bless America” song but marching to “God bless the White Race” and proliferating this new Faith of the Future worldwide. 

And in this battle against Judeo- X-ianity the distinction between war and peace will be blurred to the vanishing point.   It will be nonlinear…….  the distinction between ‘race conscious civilian’ and ‘political-religious soldier’ will disappear. We shall be a world community of racial brothers and sisters living the principle that….

National Socialism is the application of Natures Laws to human affairs.

The Faith of the Future!


It is so, so be it!