Our Task is to be Heroes



We have a small window in life to accomplish great things.

When I meditate in the National Socialist Religion and ponder life’s many avenues I feel a most peculiar combination of serenity and overwhelming sorrow; as though I am precariously walking on the edge of a great ravine filled with a deep, plain, blackness that goes on forever; and yet, calmed by a warm breeze that gently blows me toward the edge. It is no longer a blackness but an awakening of light.

Life is not easy and can be quite brutal at times however, the peace through joy of conquering those barricades while embracing the tenets of National Socialism is life empowered toward achievement, to embrace the Eternal. True God, not Jew god.

Many of us have been scared by our early life of Christian propaganda force fed by our programmed families and zombie-like church people. Feeling an inner desire to find the real truth of how to connect to the Eternal we began to search, to ponder with burning hearts. Most importantly we began to doubt. What was impressed to us as iron faith started to crumble edict by edict. The deeper we penetrated, the more our heart turned away from the faith that had been the faith of our fathers.

Once enlightened by the racial idealism of Mein Kampf and we reached the well-springs of natural life our soul was set free! At that moment of holy enlightenment, the acceptance of National Socialism as our true religion, we knew no other path than to push the Judeo-Christian poisonous anti-racial venom from our hearts so that the Aryan spirit reclaimed our soul.

As National Socialists we do not want to live for the price of Judeo-Christian blessedness. NO! We want to live in order to totally sacrifice ourselves for our Folk!

As National Socialists we need no middleman to the Eternal. Mein Kampf is our connect. We will not falsify our Faith of the Future, the Faith that will allow us to triumph. We of the NEW ORDER build our house with a faith that burns from Aryan depth of essence.

It is our task to be heroes.

Our National Socialist personality takes the day in our own manner. One lives into the day, free, happy and without cares. Why do we need to ask the meaning of life? We have the answers in Mein Kampf!

The Judeo-Christian is terrified of tomorrow. Tomorrow he lives in fear of the next day. And so life becomes a burden for him, wavering and fearing. He ponders and searches for the meaning of life on earth but only in vain. For he does not see beyond his Jew bible.

For us National Socialists from day to day, deed to deed, strides the hero. We know the Eternal, God, gave us our life so that we may consecrate it to our Aryan Folk. We embrace the struggle of life and most passionately the struggle of our fate. We have only one life to live on earth and so we National Socialists live it fully in service to racial idealism. We wrestle our way higher through distress and suffering. Through storm and sunshine. And if we hold true to the National Socialist life we can appreciate our racial work and can honestly say; I have lived!

In our relationship with the Eternal we can laugh at those Judeo-Christian fools who wander through life with incantations and cross themselves as if stuck in childhood. We are a free Folk who stands upright when connecting with God, the Eternal!

It is so, so be it!