Black Olives Matter…. On Pizza



A Political-Spiritual Perspective by Steve Kendall


The statues now being toppled by the domestic terrorist organization called Black Lives Matter is attacking all the White Race. It is not just those who fought for the Confederacy anymore. The enemy is pulling down statues of White men that had nothing to do with the Civil War -- at least not the first Civil War, the one that took place 159 years ago. What’s on the horizon?

Those destroyed statues are owned by the National Park Service. It is federal property. Tearing it down is a federal crime, but no one in Washington DC (district of coloreds) even considered enforcing that law. Instead the Negro politicians of Washington DC painted their street yellow with “Black Lives Matter” in giant letters. Surprisingly, it was spelled correctly.

Idiot TV-citizens, who are still a former and discarded classification of mental retardation, and are mind puppets of the Jewish media, like CNN (Communist News Network) and NPR (Negro Preferred Radio), think what they’re watching and hearing is a version 2 of the Rodney King riots from 1992 or the Negro riots from the mid-1960’s onward. In the 1960’s Negro riots were an annual street event in the Black community. Sort of a “Going out of Business” sale for them.

This is not a momentary civil disturbance as some timid Whites want to believe. It is a serious and highly Jewish organized political movement. It is not superficial. It is deep and extreme. It has vast ambitions. It is insidious; it will grow like the race cancer it is. This is the product of the final gasps of a moribund Western civilization itself. Judeo-Christianity’s moral cesspool.

This is an ideological movement. The ideas that fuel it have incubated for decades on Jewish controlled college campuses. Most White people were so thrilled that their kids got into college that they decided to ignore what Jew-Marxist professors were actually teaching them. That was a mistake. It was one of the greatest mistakes we have ever made as a White community.

Even now, so many continue to pretend that this is about police brutalities, about the death of a low-life criminal called G. Floyd living in Minneapolis by way of jails and prison. Between 1997 and 2005, Floyd was sentenced to jail terms eight times on various charges, including drug possession, theft, and trespassing. In 2009 he was sentenced to five years in prison for armed robbery and was paroled in January 2013. On May 25, 2020, Floyd was arrested after passing a counterfeit $20 bill at a grocery store in a  neighborhood of Minneapolis. A real Black male role model if ever there was one.


Floyd’s memory is proving he is worth more as a corpse to BLM than alive and is just a political tool for the Communist’s propaganda machine. In every White society, there are those who are culture-destroyers inspired by the Jew. They destroy for the same reason that vile kids torture dogs and cats. Inflicting pain makes them feel powerful. Look at the kosher rites of animal slaughter.


The Jewish masterminds of the Marxist BLM terror group have been more emboldened by the apparent lackluster response White America is being portrayed as in the Jewish media. However, there are numerous examples of the White Race standing up to these BLM street waifs not reported! Our defensive revolution is building because of the unprecedented attacks we as White Aryan peoples are suffering right now. Only the political-religious sacraments of National Socialism will guide the White Race to racial imperium and salvation.

A close up of a mans face

Description automatically generatedOne primary example of this Marxist subversion comes in the form of the Jew George Soros a Hungarian-born multi-billionaire business magnate and Marxist philanthropist. 

He has in recent years acquired a mythos as that of the mastermind who wields tremendous wealth and influence to surreptitiously manipulate events worldwide in furtherance of a Jew-Marxist stratagem. Soros sponsored organizations assist to mobilize BLM protests building grass-roots coalitions on the ground and backed by a nationwide online and social media campaign. Since January 2015 Soros has “sponsored” or “bankrolled”, to the tune of some $33 million, multiple anti-White pro-Marxist organizations such as BLM.

So what does the Soros message instill in his targets? Here is an excerpt from a riotous Black man who has been thoroughly educated by the Soros sponsored Jew-Marxist professors and White self-hating ultra-Left Marxist dogma donkeys.

Greater New York BLM president Hawk Newsome has stated “If this country doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. I just want black liberation and black sovereignty, by any means necessary. And Jesus Christ is the most famous black radical revolutionary in history.”

Well, the “Jewsus” part may be close to on target but the rest of his cannabis dementia speak clearly is the product of a subdural space of silly putty. It can be molded anyway the Jew-Marxist desires.


Currently there is no unifying fighting spiritual base among our White brothers and sisters to counter the creeping authoritarianism of the Jewish education cartel and kosher corporate America.

Can we convince White people to believe in something that is a completely new religion of racial survival? Yes, we can. And its starts with you. Our Faith of the Future, National Socialism, is the way!

We White people need spiritual support, and we need it right now. We need National Socialism. These are not protests. This is a Jewish-totalitarian political movement, and National Socialism needs to save our Race from it.


It is so, so be it!

Heil Hitler!