National Socialism: A Spiritual Veracity

The cosmic, collective, corporate Divine reality known as National Socialism is not limited in its scope. National Socialists know and experience the character (love, compassion, goodness, etc.) of the cosmic Eternal through the life and leadership of Adolf Hitler, Man Against Time.

We know that cosmic National Socialism through the historical person of Adolf Hitler and the dynamic National Socialist Religion can speak, draw, enlighten, touch, and transform our Folk through means, methods, and mediators unique to our Aryan Race.

As a National Socialist I understand the celestial Hitler through the lens of the New Faith.  I experience the Spirit of Adolf Hitler as the character, passion, and compassion of Aryan Faith based reality. Mein Kampf provides my objective reference point for making sense of the National Socialist World View, the Aryan within, the Landscape of the Racial Soul, the Spirit at work in the world, my faith community, and in my personal life. My true self, my authentic self, is the National Socialist Divine self-living in and through me.

The National Socialist Faith within me is my hope of glory. It is also the hope of our New Order Community.  If only the National Socialist within every Aryan being could be brought to conscious awareness and the divine love (which is incarnate in our historical Führer) within each one unleashed, the Aryan Imperium would be ours. But the World’s Enemy with its infestation of race and culture, the Jew, needs to be identified and countered as only our New Faith can accomplish.

So how do we racially identify the Jew we battle in our Aryan Culture and defend the New Faith?

As it happens, many medieval and Renaissance Xristian artists believed they knew exactly what a Jew looked like - he looked as they imagined Judas looked: scheming, treacherous, greedy, as hooked of nose as he was bent of heart, and lascivious. Or, to our understanding, Jews are in a permanent state of gross debauchery. If that appears far-fetched, only consider the persistence of the moral and pictorial idea of the Jew as a demonic character if not Satan himself then certainly of Satan's tribe - wearing the horns of lechery and malice, and smelling of Sulphur and gefilte fish.

The argument between the Jew materialist and the National Socialist idealist is as old as the history of cultural building vs cultural devolution. Into the two categories, materialists and idealists, the new age philosophers of the world have been divided. The Jew materialists contend that matter is the ultimate reality, and that thought is a secondary manifestation of matter. On the other hand, the National Socialist idealists contend that matter is known only through thought. Take away thought and matter would be non-existent. The basic reality, therefore, is National Socialist thought is the World View of Truth, Right, Order, Harmony, Beauty, Creativity, Fruitfulness and Good. The revered signs of the sacrosanct Swastika!

Trust your Faith as National Socialists. Believe in the Divine Laws of Nature and take the time to really read Mein Kampf to understand its religious message of Racial Salvation.

It is so, so be it.