What 9 November Means to  National Socialists


November 9 brings together the entire National Socialist community to remember the dead of the Movement. The sixteen who died before the Feldherrnhalle, and all the blood sacrifices of the Movement are firmly bound to the fallen heroes of this political-racial warfare. Heros like Lincoln Rockwell and Matt Koehl.

We hold ceremonies appropriate to the dignity and significance of the occasion. We stand not in despairing sadness, but rather proud in the certainty that the spirit and the legacy of our dead live on and will continue to live in the eternal White race.

The dead of the Movement are not silent. They stand at our side in the business of the day, in the joy of battle, in the silence of the night. They did not vanish into nothingness when they fell, but joined Aryan history, and history is alive. A racial nation never develops unless sanctified by faith, and sacrifice seals that faith. And only when we are loyal and strong in our National Socialist faith, ourselves willing to sacrifice, do the dead join our ranks, bless our flags, help bear the White races burdens. The example of service that they gave is a living example. It demands respect.

A new age will dawn, one that will find new sacrifices for a burning National Socialist faith. In a declining Western Culture, a new racial idealism will arise, with new goals, which could only be achieved over holy graves of the Movement. The great benefits of the world can only be gained by sacrifice.

The essence of this idea of sacrifice is that we are willing to offer ourselves for the Movement. The truest sacrifice we can make is to try and live according to the Führer’s purposes for our lives as expressed in Mein Kampf. True freedom comes when we unquestioningly turn to service for the Movement. It's ceasing to live only for us.

Sacrifice is centered around time. When one sacrifices for something that can reward them in the future, they can put time in their favor. Our sacrifice now assures a coming NEW ORDER. The important thing about sacrifice is that it is temporary. By sacrificing for your personal intentions, you are temporarily giving up one thing, for the long-term success of the Movement.

Sacrifice is basic to almost everything of importance: care, love, religion, racial Nationalism, loyalties, struggle, Comradeship, morality. Live your life as a visionary National Socialist and enjoy the struggle of the Faith of the Future. Look at the sacrifice the Führer made for us 30 April 1945 JdF 56. With His free will immolation His spirit was set free to grow and His action guaranteed the Movement would rise from the flames of a Jewish war.

100 years ago, those brave sixteen martyrs of 9 November 1923 sacrificed it all as they marched in service of the new Movement. Hail my Comrades!

Und Ihr Habt Doch Gesiegt!