Frontfighter is the vanguard site promoting the revolutionary vision of Matt Koehl’s “Faith of the Future.” National Socialism is the Religion of Aryan mankind. It is the portal to God or higher power that is direct and unfailing. No one Aryan is a center force such as deacons, preachers, ministers, medicine men, voodoo priests and other ridiculous icons that church people claim to be.

National Socialists approach the Eternal by living as an integral part of Nature and obeying its’ laws.Our Religion of the Blood is the holiest sacrament as defined by racial idealism. Every man has his reason for living and a price for dying. By dedicating our Racial Soul to the survival of our Aryan Race through the Religion of National Socialism we are one with God the Eternal. To paraphrase Mein Kampf page 65*, by defending ourselves against the Jew we are fighting for the work of the Lord.


*Manheim edition end of Chapter 2



“God be with our Fuhrer

May God bless his hand,

God protect our Aryan Land

Our deeply loved Fatherland.”

Providence is with our Leader

A National Socialist Mantra



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